Ein Weinberg in der Toskana: Wie mein Traum wahr wurde

Ein Weinberg in der Toskana - Wie mein Traum wahr wurde - Ferenc Máté This was the 2'nd book out of Máté's "The Tuscan Trilogy", and I am still livid about the fact, that our Public Library had this one but not the first.
I really, really dislike (read, HATE!) it whenever I read a book series out of order, basically not reading from the beginning. But I was being repeatedly reassured by one of the Ladies that this was the first part. DX
Anyway, this is an non-fictional Autobiography about land-life in sunny Tuscany and about the process of renovating a House & cultivating grape vine so as to make Wine (& some money).
Máté has done a nice job of making me wonder in between reading sessions when he was going to go mad, get himself & his small family ruined, drive off the next cliff or if he ever would gain a single drinkable drop of the so dearly desired Red Liquid.