A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 1)

A Game of Thrones  - George R.R. Martin I've waited almost 20 years now to read the first Book in this Series.
Why did I wait this long? -'Cause I thought he, Martin, would actually write the Series in less than a Decade... but no, Monsieur likes us to wait for each Book Aeons while bitching about Fans writing Fanfiction from his Series.

-Possible Spoilers coming-
So, where do I start? -With the stubborn, honourable Lord Eddard Stark or maybe his idiotic, close to imbecile Wife and eldest Daughter, Lady Catelyn Tully Stark and Sansa Stark respectively?
Or perhaps I should tell you of Jon Snow, who apparently knows nothing, or his favourite half-sister Arya Stark. They are not involved in any incestuous way... unlike the Queen (of the 7 Realms) Cersei who hops into bed with her younger Twin brother Ser Jaime Lannister, The Kingslayer, since they both can walk properly.
But what do I know, after all Jaime has begotten 3 children with her, whom are deemed King Robert Baratheon's children by everyone.
Until someone by the name Lord John Arryn, First Hand of the King, finds out and dies mysteriously before he can tell the (right) People.
Oh, and then the aforementioned Lord Eddard finds out. Ans shit hits the fan... not literally though, mind you. Would be a messy thing.
Seems like I forgot to mention the midget Tyrion Lannister, no he doesn't have threesomes with his siblings Cersei & Jaime.
Though, he is quite the Fornicator in the Book. No Whorehouse is safe from him and he's one of the only people in this Book who actually thinks before talking or acting. I liked him, besides Arya.
Oh, and while we're talking about Strumpets and such, there is the cunning Lord Petyr Baelish, medieval Pimp extra-ordinaire.
This book would have gotten more than 8 out of the 10 Stars, if Martin hadn't given me so much BS with underage smut and the likes regarding the 13 year old (Khaleesi) Daenerys and her wannabe (Turkic/Mongolic) Dothraki Nomad husband Khal Drogo. I don't need to know that his member is still slick from sex before and such bullcrap.
For that I have smutty fan-fiction.
It really bothers me that jailbait Daenerys is whored out. And the sex scenes are bleh, like they were written by a pimply faced 14 year old who only knows his own hand.
But!!! I can recommend this Book none the less.
I liked the way people were killed so gory.
I loved that the beginning starts with a good amount of killing.
Oh, and I adored Jory... and Arya ... and Tyrion.
Okay, I better stop.
Give this a try, you don't have to read the other books in the Series, but really should at least try #1.