Auch du kannst meditieren: Schritt für Schritt zu Klarheit, Gelassenheit und innerer Stärke (German Edition) - Ajahn Sumano Bhikkhu, Jochen Lehner

I still didn't get what I wanted, but when compared... this book on meditation was much better, than the last one from April.
One thing I didn't like, was the way he was trying to sell this book, to rich young mothers, yuppies and/or upper society slackers and the like.
It felt a bit like at one point... take a sip of this hip Decaf double chocolate chip Frappuccino with a spritz of Vanilla Syrup, while reading my book on your newest, over-priced iTelPhone in that useless neon-pink Case... wearing that new Lululimon yoga outfit, hand made by children in the 3'rd World 'cause it's hip... wait, what do you mean that Mermaid-coffee isn't Organic?
You will never be Zen!!!