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☉♎ ☽♉ 水狗 I ❤ Music & Books! Yeah, I guess that's it... Also I am a Paranoid wannabe autodidactic Polymath... and a language-addicted ovo-lacto-vegetarian Agnostic. Esoterically inclined, Sapiosexual... ☪ Workwise... I am a Librarian by Day & a freelance Artist by Night!

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Macht: Roman
Karen Duve
Ein Gesicht in der Menge
Stephen King, Stewart O'Nan, Thomas Gunkel
Fortune-Telling with Playing Cards
P.R. S. Foli, Denise Alvarado
Die Wunderübung: Eine Komödie
Daniel Glattauer
The Astrologer's Portrait
Joshua Grasso
The Mystery of the Yellow Room
Gaston Leroux
Zu viel Glück: Zehn Erzählungen
Alice Munro
What's Bred in the Bone
Robertson Davies
The Terror
Arthur Machen
The Night of the Long Knives
Fritz Leiber