10 Gifts To Give Yourself For A Successful Life by Christina Westover

10 Gifts To Give Yourself For A Successful Life - Christina Westover

I won this Book as a First Read in a Giveaway, which won't influence my reading experience or Review of it.
I also would like to thank Christina Westover for choosing me & for such a short shipping time. (Wow, that was super quick!)

I won the book at a difficult time. I had recently lost my father in a traumatic way & was trying to get my mind away from reliving his final moments again & again in my head.

This book helped my partially. Not only did it occupy my mind, but also I tried to put it to use in feeling better about the whole situation I was in. Despite being a book with 'only' 150 pages I needed a bit longer to read this than I would usually have, which was okay I guess because I really wanted to take my time with this book since some Passages should be re-read to get a better understanding.

The author surprised me with a lovely, uplifting dedication on the title/first recto page.

After an interesting foreword at the beginning, the book is divided into 10 Chapters, the 10 Gifts.
These 10 Gifts (or even Ways maybe) are thought to help you change and mold your life how you want it to be.

I'll be honest, that a few of the gifts were logical steps everyone should know at a certain age, but are we really thinking logically or rational when we are in distressing times? Not me, most of the time I will behave rather contra productive.

And that's why I think this book is a good piece of reading matter when we are in need of help. Or even just to be reminded, that the reader, as an unique, person matters.

A very recommendable read in my humble opinion.