Ginger Coffey sucht sein Glück

Ginger Coffey sucht sein Glück - Brian Moore Okay, this book is one of those candidates where I would totally welcome a half star rating on GoodReads.
Good enough to get more than 2 stars... but I am not really happy with having to resort to give it 3 stars, still I chose that option.

And now to something completely different, well not completely, since it's about this book. As I mentioned in an status update the other day, I really dislike the protagonist called 'Ginger, he has a few charackteristics which I hate in men, so I will stop here before I digress. His wife is an iffy floosy, whom I do understand in some way, but still I would say, that if their daughter Paulie was to become a little trollop(at that age & in those times, no less!) it would be Ginger's wife's fault in many ways, though Ginger's behaviour himself has a good deal to do with it, too.
And then there is Gerry Grosvenor, the 'Friend' of the Family, boy do I hate these kind of men in real life! Their 'stuff' only gets excited when they spot a married woman. He's in love... *pffft* my a*se!
There are a few other charackters, which I should possibly mention, but since this book was so sleep inducing I better stop here.

All over the book was not to my linking. Honestly, IO don't care if a egoistic loser jeopardises his family, consisting of an egoistic wife and an egoistic, stupid daughter. Also I don't care if the wife unwillingly needs to go to the bathroom before sex, though unwillingly because she is a good catholic *nods*, & use some archaic form of contraception before Ginger mounts her.

This book did nothing to me. I just did read all of it because I never have discontinued a book in the past & won't start with it in the near future.
Sorry this wasn't a real review but I wrote what I though about it right now. I need to stop, also my boss will be back in 10 minutes & I need to play the hard working Librarian. ;)