Cyrano De Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac - Edmond Rostand, Eteel Lawson, Lowell Bair Vay anam!!! Where to start!?
My poor, poor Cyrano! I saw it on TV as a (very small)kid, but never read the Play. Never did I realise, what I had missed all those years!!ONE1!
I have always been of the believe, that people with a beautiful Mind are a thousand times better to love than people with a beautiful Face and/or Physic.
Sadly Cyrano was a troubled man, lacking self esteem & self love thanks to superficial people being the majority in his surroundings and this World in general.
He was trying to hide his vulnerability and integrity(regarding the World) by colouring his every words with stinging, straightforward insults... laced with his dry wit & sarcasm among other things.
It hurt to see, that in the end he sacrificed his own happiness just so as not to hurt & offend(in his eyes) his beloved Roxane.
Oh, and I just kind of might have fallen in love a tiny bit with Le Bret, his friend.
It's available for free at the Gutenberg Project, so please try & read it.