Operation Zombie

Feminist Organizations: Harvest Of The New Women's Movement - Myra Marx Ferree Our public Library got it only a month ago, even though this book has been published about 7(?) years ago.
Before I heard how bad Brad Pitt's movie is, I thought it better to read this before heading to the Cinemas.

It is one of those candidates where I, once again, wish for goodreads to give us the half star rating option.
So I can only give the book 3 stars, there where parts which just dicouraged me to give it 4 stars.

Also, I could not look past some eye-glaring glorifications of certain nations & people... as well as specific negative Propaganda against others, which was partially old in its political view.

And last but not least I did not like the premise (while it was a very new & refreshing idea of Brooks to tell the stories like interviews after the WW-Z) I personally did not really like its execution.

One more thing, not enough gore for a zombie book, imho.