Two Night Stand - Billy Connolly This book is quite atypical for King. Despite this, I was pleased with the outcome.

First of all, normally whenever I get myself one of his books, then I want to read something in genres like horror, supernatural... or something else that scares the hell out of me. This book is different.
At first I din't even want to read this book, I just lend it from the library because I needed something to read and after 15 pages I was hooked.

It admittedly is a rather unusual book itself, in that it is an anthology novel so to speak, in which only certain life stages of each narrator are exposed.
But above it all, there wafts a supernatural atmosphere. Especially the first story, at which end it pulls most into this direction.

It also was an interesting turn, that the narrators telling each of the unequally sized episodes, in one way or another had experienced something in their story, that was a major change to them in some way.
And there always was one and the same girl involved in these stories. She is like a red ribbon, that flutters through the whole book, yet the girl herself has no own episode of hers to tell.