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March 2018
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Hello Friday! Hello Follow Friday with book bloggers! Meet Ella, a newbie blogger with an impressive library and an avid read...
(In our street earlier today -- and yes, it's still snowing. I hope the poor daffs are going to make it ... and there we wer...
March 2018
BLANKY is a powerful novella, full of grief, pain, and horrors previously unknown-those both real and imagined. You can't l...
AFTERAGE was a whole lot of freaking fun! The vampire apocalypse has already occurred and entire cities have been decimated...
We can always count on BookLikes community and useful tips from our Librarains. Jenn from Murder by Death once again shared s...
Round 1 Suspect Own guess / card played: Madeleine L'Engle - wrong - 5 points Correct guess: None Victims Own guess / car...
March 2018
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Pretentious and self-centered. Forget the book blurbs -- this actually isn't about the Lady Hyegyōng but about Margaret Drab...
March 2018
A comic book artist writes a fantasy story about a main character who is an artist - and loses her hand. The hand she draws...
Well, the voting has closed for the May read for The Flat Book Society and the winner by popular vote is A Is for Arsenic: Th...
Guess: Madeleine L'Engle Book read: Just One Damned Thing After Another by Jodi Taylor
February 2018
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Hello Friday! Hollow Follow Friday with book bloggers. Meet Cat, a bloggers behind Red Lace Reviews blog, a lover or horror b...
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Kompendium der Mediengestaltung: Digital Und Print: Konzeption, Gestaltung, Produktion Und Tecknik
Patrick Schlaich, Peter Bühler
Macht: Roman
Karen Duve
Fortune-Telling with Playing Cards
P.R. S. Foli, Denise Alvarado
Die Wunderübung: Eine Komödie
Daniel Glattauer
The Astrologer's Portrait
Joshua Grasso
The Mystery of the Yellow Room
Gaston Leroux
Zu viel Glück: Zehn Erzählungen
Alice Munro
What's Bred in the Bone
Robertson Davies
The Terror
Arthur Machen
The Night of the Long Knives
Fritz Leiber